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I have been seeing Liz for my BHRT and Auto-Immune disease for over 4 years. For years I had been prescribed steroids when I would relapse which had several side effects including hair loss. I came to her for advice and options on how to reduce inflammation and adjust hormones that were contributing to my symptoms. She is so knowledgeable and helpful with asking the right questions to help address some of the core issues. I feel so much better after working with her and have less side effects and relapses now. I highly recommend her.

Happy Patient

I have been a lifelong patient of Elizabeth Vogstrom, PA-C starting my AgeWell BeWell LiveWell journey with her since my 30’s. Each decade has brought me back to Liz for services for different reasons. In my 30’s, I was seeking rejuvenation from years of being a mom. My focus was raising my daughter, and it was reflective in my appearance that I was LAST on my list for Self Care. At that time, I chose to use Botox. I happily said good-bye to the wave of lines across my forehead and she helped lift my tired Mommy eyes with this injectable. She also referred me to an amazing laser specialist so I could throw my razor away and confidently wear my bikini all year round. In my 40’s, I shared my concern of losing elasticity in my face. Botox was still working great but I didn’t need as much of it anymore for targeted areas, so she only used it on me every 4-6 months for maintenance. However, the droopy areas of skin on my face, around my mouth and the hollow areas on the side of my eyes bothered me so Liz suggested filler. Thankfully it gave me a refreshed appearance which I was happy to have again. It was exhilarating to see “immediate” results of volume put back into my face after she used Juvederm and Restylane on me. Once again…SUCCESS! In my 50’s, l have made adjustments to my workout regimen, good choices in my diet, and prioritized drinking lots of water and getting good sleep. No doubt about it, I have realized while writing this that decades seem to go by in a blink. Aging youthfully is 100% not only my Daily Goal, but my Monthly Goal throughout the 4 very different seasons we experience in Minnesota. Doing this is a challenge, so once again I went back for a consult with Liz. I opened up with my concerns regarding hot flashes, my frustrations of my metabolism being slowed down, being told by others that I was more moody, and feeling sleep deprived. Not only that, I was worried about my loss of memory and female biological problems due to menopause. I felt not only vulnerable, but hopeless. After listening to me, Liz shared her passion was Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. She proudly told me she completed Advanced BHRT Certification to help individuals replace and balance their hormones. With this holistic approach, I immediately felt hope that these unavoidable changes I was experiencing had a solution that made total sense in what I was seeking! Fast forward 5 years, I am one of her Botox, Filler and BHRT patients. I thank God for placing her desire to help others live a healthy and happy life on her heart. I proudly share my testimony with others because I want them to feel as good as I do. My Better Half even shared with me that he was skeptical of what hormone injections would do for him but now, he can’t imagine NOT having them. Having Liz as your professional, medical provider is a Life Changing Experience. As she embarks on a new chapter in her life; opening up her very own Medi Spa, I asked HER if I could write the very first review for EVOyouthful on her behalf. With that said, from my personal experience, I highly recommend BOOKING YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY with Elizabeth Vogstrom, PA-C, especially if you are seeking the best version of YOU!

Happy Patient

Bottom line: Elizabeth is amazing. I have been seeing her for nine years and am always happy with my results. At the beginning of each visit, she spends ample time talking about my desired outcome, and the best way to achieve it within my budget. Elizabeth is honest and genuinely works from her heart, both professionally and personally. Elizabeth not only cares about my appearance, but she clearly cares about me as a person and wants me to look and feel my best. As Elizabeth works, she combines her professional knowledge of state-of-the-art skincare techniques with an artistic flair, as she works her “magic”. The skincare world is fascinating and she has earned 100% of my trust. As I approach sixty, it’s comforting to know I have someone as competent and trustworthy as Elizabeth to keep me looking and feeling naturally young!

Botox and filler patient

When I started bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy, my energy level took off after a couple weeks if not sooner, my joint pain began to subside and I saw strength increase after just 4 weeks. Elizabeth has great knowledge, speaks to you so you can understand what she is doing and why, and truly cares about not only the results but each step in the process. I feel great, like I did in my 20’s!

BHRT Patient

I feel so blessed to have found Liz to help me with my face treatments. She has gained my 100% trust. Liz has so much knowledge in her field and in nutrition along with women’s health and for me that is very important. I personally feel we need to take care of our selves on the inside as well as the outside to regain and maintain our youth and Liz’s medical background and passion for this makes her that much more valuable! I also need a lot of information on a treatment before I decide what would be best for me and I know Liz is going to give it to me straight. She is so very committed to this profession and as a patient I can feel that passion and concern. With that, she takes everything into consideration when consulting on what procedure is best for me individually. Everything from what type of product is best for my concern to my budget to what to expect after. I have gone to Liz for over 3 years now and my skin has improved greatly because of her expertise and the painless way she does her injections to the wonderful laser treatments that she has recommended and performed on me. Going to see Liz ‘fills my cup’ more than I can express. It is a wonderful feeling to know someone is out for my best interest to help me look and feel the best I can.

Botox and filler patient

After having children I felt like I needed a fresh new look. Something to bring my confidence back and to make me feel young again. When I met with Liz she walked through all the different options of the overall healthcare of your skin. I had no idea that so many things made such an impact on your complexion and the look and feel of your skin. I was very nervous about what to do and she guided me in the right direction. It was exactly what I needed to feel good about my overall image. The first month after having a treatment with Liz I had so many people tell me how great I looked, that having kids was “good to me” and I looked amazing! I give all the credit to Liz and couldn’t thank her enough. With Liz you never have to worry, she will explain everything to you, walk you through your questions and you will always love your results!

Botox and filler patient

I’ve been seeing Elizabeth for a variety of treatments over the years—from laser rejuvenation and injections to skin care products. She knows my features, my desired look, and has the artistic vision to recommend exactly what will work the best for me. The results have been consistent and fabulous. I always look like me—only more refreshed and youthful.

Botox and filler patient

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