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You will always love your results.

After having children I felt like I needed a fresh new look. Something to bring my confidence back and to make me feel young again. When I met with Liz she walked through all the different options of the overall healthcare of your skin. I had no idea that so many things made such an impact on your complexion and the look and feel of your skin. I was very nervous about what to do and she guided me in the right direction. It was exactly what I needed to feel good about my overall image. The first month after having a treatment with Liz I had so many people tell me how great I looked, that having kids was “good to me” and I looked amazing! I give all the credit to Liz and couldn’t thank her enough. With Liz you never have to worry, she will explain everything to you, walk you through your questions and you will always love your results!

Elizabeth helps me look and feel the best I can.

I feel so blessed to have found Liz to help me with my face treatments. She has gained my 100% trust. Liz has so much knowledge in her field and in nutrition along with women’s health and for me that is very important. I personally feel we need to take care of our selves on the inside as well as the outside to regain and maintain our youth and Liz’s medical background and passion for this makes her that much more valuable! I also need a lot of information on a treatment before I decide what would be best for me and I know Liz is going to give it to me straight. She is so very committed to this profession and as a patient I can feel that passion and concern. With that, she takes everything into consideration when consulting on what procedure is best for me individually. Everything from what type of product is best for my concern to my budget to what to expect after. I have gone to Liz for over 3 years now and my skin has improved greatly because of her expertise and the painless way she does her injections to the wonderful laser treatments that she has recommended and performed on me. Going to see Liz ‘fills my cup’ more than I can express. It is a wonderful feeling to know someone is out for my best interest to help me look and feel the best I can.

Like me, only more refreshed and youthful!

I’ve been seeing Elizabeth for a variety of treatments over the years—from laser rejuvenation and injections to skin care products. She knows my features, my desired look, and has the artistic vision to recommend exactly what will work the best for me. The results have been consistent and fabulous. I always look like me—only more refreshed and youthful.

A youthful appearance without surgery.

Liz is a master aesthetics practitioner. I was in need of non-surgical treatment to improve facial lines and sagging that were contributing to my aged appearance but was unsure of what route to take. Under Liz’s artistic, knowledgeable and expert eye she guided me in the right direction with knowledge of the various techniques and products available to meet my goals of a more youthful appearance. I am completely satisfied with her work and am so appreciative of her expertise, honesty and gentle techniques.

Bottom line: Elizabeth is amazing.

Bottom line: Elizabeth is amazing. I have been seeing her for nine years and am always happy with my results. At the beginning of each visit, she spends ample time talking about my desired outcome, and the best way to achieve it within my budget. Elizabeth is honest and genuinely works from her heart, both professionally and personally. Elizabeth not only cares about my appearance, but she clearly cares about me as a person and wants me to look and feel my best. As Elizabeth works, she combines her professional knowledge of state-of-the-art skincare techniques with an artistic flair, as she works her “magic”. The skincare world is fascinating and she has earned 100% of my trust. As I approach sixty, it’s comforting to know I have someone as competent and trustworthy as Elizabeth to keep me looking and feeling naturally young!

BHRT Interview With Life Time Fitness

December, 2015

Q: Welcome Liz, I heard a lot of buzz around BHRT, what is it?

A: Hi Natalie, BHRT stands for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Bioidentical hormones have the exact chemical structure identical to what we produce in our bodies and are known to be safer and more effective than chemically similar synthetic versions.

Q: Why would I want to use this form of treatment?

A: Because hormones decline in all people as they age. I often ask my patients, Have you noticed a change in the last few years? Changes like: Mood swings, Insomnia? Hot flashes? Feeling burned out? Irritable? Tearful? Tired? Loss of muscle mass and increase in your belly fat? Loss of sex drive? Decreased strength and mental clarity? Have you lost your edge? If you answered yes to any or all of these, you may be a candidate for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Q: I am intrigued Liz, how do I learn if I am a candidate for this therapy?

A: Schedule an apt at MediSpa. Before therapy is recommended, an in-depth consultation is scheduled to discuss your unique symptoms. A blood test is also completed to gain a bench work analysis of hormone levels. Throughout therapy, a combination of regular check-in consultations and follow-up blood work analyses ensure you receive the proper dose at the proper frequency to attain and retain optimal results.

Q: What type of BHRT treatment do you recommend?

A: An appealing treatment of choice offered at MediSpa, is the extended release pellets. About the size of a grain of rice, these pellets are inserted under the skin, usually in the hip/ buttock area.This procedure is done in-office in a simple 15 -30 minute apt using local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. The pellet advantage is a reduced roller coaster effect, providing a steady, slow release of hormone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: How and where do I get started?

A: Schedule your blood work analyses at MediSpa. We’ll conduct the lab tests you need to determine your hormone levels, and get you back to looking and feeling your best!